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Single Crystal Sugar 1 sugar samples
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Motivated by a desire to learn more about sugar, its complex histories and varied contemporary uses, Feast commissioned artist and materials specialist Ellie Doney to develop her research into the sweet stuff. Hosting a series of workshops at Manchester museum, The Institute of Making and with Museumand in Nottingham, Ellie has explored sugar as an active material, a substance that takes on manifold forms and has a powerful impact on the body and our desires, as well as shaping historical and contemporary culture. Feast: Sugar brings together Ellie’s research with contributions from academics, writers, home cooks and artists to present sugar as a material intertwined with questions of power, desire and exploitation. Through the contributors diverse voices the edition interweaves a discussion on the complex histories of sugar with innovative and playful perspectives on its material properties.

*Content Note: The edition contains references and historical engravings related to slavery and coerced labour*

Edited by Ellie Doney & Laura Mansfield July 2019
ISSN: 2397-785X