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Blueprint For Happiness 20 Heather and Ivan Morison, Blueprint for Happiness, 2015
Issue 2


Issue two of Feast online explores the role of ‘Decoration’ in the preparation, display, serving and consumption of food. As the second installment of a series of editions on the theme of ‘Setting the Table’ Decoration investigates the cultural resonance of food and its associated rituals. The thread of decoration weaves through contributions on the presentation of dishes from high-end restaurants, to the packaging of daily food stuffs, as well as the gifting of particular foods and specific dishes. Throughout the edition contributions veer between personal anecdote, social analysis and critical commentary, reflecting on the shifting cultural traditions and tastes of decoration. The issue includes an interview with Michelin star Chef JP McMahon, artworks by Sonja Alhäuser, Tereza Buskova and Leo Fitzmaurice, contributions from artists Heather and Ivan Morrison and Jonathan Trayte, as well as writers Mariana Menese Romero, Niamh Riordan and Georgia Wall.

Edited by Laura Mansfield and Elisa Oliver

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ISSN: ​2397-785X