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Issue 1

A Botanical Library

Feast is developing a Botanical Library of Medicinal plants in partnership with Fallowfield Secret Garden, a community space in South Manchester. As part of the development of the library we are working with local artist Lynn Pilling on the design and construction of a series of new beds. We have issued a call out in the community for individuals to donate seedlings, cuttings and mature plants to help grow our collection and simultaneously document what is being grown in the local area.

To activate the new area of medicinal beds we have hosted, and are continuing to host, a programme of workshops - from listening to the garden space, to making herbal remedies and exploring the more than human world. We have worked with artists including Ryan Woods (The Manchester Ear), Sneha Solanki, Gregory Herbert, Eleni Pittordou and herbalist Edwina Hodgkinson. Documentation of the projects development, research and resources are shared below in an evolving edition of Feast.

For further information on the project and how to get involved please join our mailing list and follow us on instagram @feastmagazine

Edited by Fallowfield Secret Garden
ISSN: 2397-785X