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White Gold; the story of sugar, slavery and settlement in the Caribbean

Using objects from their growing collection of artefacts museumand, the National Caribbean Heritage Museum, introduce viewers to the history of the sugar trade and its growth through the exploitation of African people in the Transatlantic Slave Trade.

Film devised and written by museumand produced by V21 Productions.


Museumand is a unique, vibrant, creative organisation dedicated to commemorating and celebrating the Caribbean contribution to life in Nottingham and the UK. For many centuries, Caribbeans have helped to shape and influence our shared British culture, heritage and achievements, but their stories are often left untold. Museumand aim to bring those stories to life for everyone, by exploring, preserving and sharing the history, heritage and culture, both past and contemporary. As a social history and community museum they travel to and connect with communities in Nottingham and further afield, especially those who may not normally visit traditional heritage organisations. Their exhibitions and events celebrate the lives and experiences of ordinary people, in a way that all people can recognise and embrace.