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Thank You Estelle

Cake Optimized

All images courtesy of the artist

Joanna Craddock

Joanna Craddock studied Fine Art at Sheffield Hallam University before undertaking her MA in photography at the Royal College of Art, London. She is currently a Senior Lecturer in Photography at Leeds College of Art. Her research interests explore the relationship of photography to theatre, mimetic practices not only producing representations of something, but for someone. These interests are currently explored through inherited items from her Aunt, a leader of synchronised displays of movement and exercise. A cake given to the artist's Aunt at her retirement party in celebration of her working life is the influence for this particular work. Here the cake (known to the artist through the photo of it) is re-imagined to resemble her Aunt's dance, evoking the movement of the live event, which has variously been posed for, or stilled by the camera.