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Subsiding Northwich

During the late 19th and early 20th century the continued extraction of ground water for salt production in Northwich resulted in regular subsidence and dramatic sink holes. The subsiding properties of Northwich became something of a tourist attraction. Photographs of the damage caused were sold to day trippers in the form of postcards such as this selection from the Lion Salt Works and Weaver Hall Museum Collections sent to friends and family bearing messages as transcribed below:

3621 271

Dear Edie,
Just a card to wish you many happy returns of your birthday
hoping you are all well
coming over to see you all.
With love from

27th July 1919

3621 17

A sample of the subsiding at Northwich.
Intend to go to boat Sunday 7am all day.

3621 222

Dear M,
Please get some barm, the man said he wouldn’t be round this week. I forgot to
tell you, sugar was in tub…
love to all,

August 13th 1908

3621 137

I thought you would like to know whether this place had fallen down or not, so am sending the latest P.C. Hope you are quite alright again by now, am expecting a letter in the morning,
Love to all


3621 268

Dear Wife,
Another view caused by the salt mines

24th March 1917

3621 269

Just getting over Influenza.
Went to Dance last night and sweat it out. Had a Good Time too.
Weather here mild + warm.... ... 
Getting ready for Christmas.
Nobody here Very Grand.


3621 278

The House were I am lodging is on the map but not on this card.

3621 296

Dear J,
I had a lovely ride in the car. I went to Delamere last night and I am going to Manchester on Wed. Give my love to all.

June 28th

3621 340

Dear Cousin,
Many thanks for pc. Am sending you a bit more of Northwich. Have you got a pc album. Let me know next time you write. I like comics as well. I have nearly 200 now. The houses on the other side are now pulled down.
Hope you are well,
write soon

20th January 1905