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Sidi's Mdakkah

The Mdakkah, a mortar and pestle, is a staple tool in my kitchen and one of the only possessions we have that belonged to my grandfather, Sidi.

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I’ve seen my mother use it all my life, similarly to how she probably saw her father cook with it. Sometimes to smash garlic for frying and finishing off Fasooliya. Sometimes adding chili peppers to make spicy Dakkah to top Ful Mdammas. Our Mdakkah is carved from a single piece of Palestinian oak.

Abeer delves deeper into her family history and the memories she associates with the simple Mdakkah in her contribution to the printed edition of Feast Spice.

Abeer Najjar

Abeer Najjar is a self-taught chef, food writer and the founder of Huda Supper Club. Born on the south side of Chicago to Palestinian immigrants, her culinary approach reflects her family's heritage and city upbringing. Abeer works to preserve culture and stimulate conversation about identity by using food as a canvas for storytelling. Her work has been featured in Teen Vogue, NPR, LifeTime and other publications.