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Poulet Chubby

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Poulet Chubby is part of a series of twelve or more paintings that depicts food from around the world in conjunction with fashions, and other social mores. The series seeks to tell a visual story through a combination of purposely chosen colours and patterns felt to be representative of their period of origin. The isolation of a key ingredient or meal in the image serves as an interruption or pause when viewed alongside more intricate works in the series enabling homage to this element alone.

Selina Snow

After finishing an MA at the Slade School of Art Snow worked at Books for Cooks continuing her art school research into key cookery writers such as, Dorothy Hartley, Margaret Visser, Philippa Puller, Hamish Hamilton and Nigel Slater. Snow considers her paintings to be visual diaries. Through replicating meals and using food, ingredients and recipes from her various travels such as: the street food culture of Japan, the combination of Portuguese and Indian cuisine in Kerala or the pickle stall at East Street Market in South London Snow records her responses to her everyday surroundings.