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"Fold, Unfold"

Kde G Tablecloth Copy5
Kde G Spoon Copy4
Kde G Glasses Copy4
Kde G Fold Copy2
Kde G Spoons Copy
Katay Window With Spoon 1
Kde G Acorn Copy1

Katya de Grunwald develops works in photographic series exploring aspects of domesticity and female identity. The display of her works incorporates blank spaces between each individual image, functioning as imaginary commas or pauses, silences that permeate theseries, enabling associated references to flourish. 

The above photographs are from the series Fold, unfold, 2011. (Archival C-type & Selenium toned Silver Gelatin prints). 

All images courtesy of the artist.

Katya de Grunwald

Katya de Grunwald makes elegant work for a variety of publications and clients. Drawing inspiration from the everyday object, familiar or ordinary and yet often revealing and resonant, she is interested in finding visually arresting ways of working with photography, using objects to evoke more than their mere physicality. Most recently she has worked on Made in Spode, intimate responses to the physical evidence of a former industry, and produced an exhibition on the original Spode site in Stoke-on-Trent in conjunction with her first published monograph.