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Dimsum Min Kwong Lee, Dim Sum 2017
Issue 3

The Meal

Issue three of Feast online explores the cultural contexts, architectures and performative rituals surrounding the meal. Whether dining with friends, strangers or alone, the act of eating constitutes a marker of individually or collectively performed identities. Throughout the edition a focus on the meal as a cornerstone of communal relations is explored in contributions by Jo Pike, Sarah Hunter and Caitriona Devery. Whilst artists Melanie Jackson, Amanda Couch and Benjamin Orlow reflect upon the unusual forms meals can take, exploring the status of the meal as a technique for the re-performance of our sense of self and community, as well as foregrounding its important structural role in the partitioning and ritualization of everyday life.

Edited by Laura Mansfield and Elisa Oliver

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ISSN: 2397-785X