Commodities - Issue 3


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Mdakkah Vertical Abeer’s kitchen tools 2020, ©Josette Youssef photography
Issue 3


Feast Spice shares a collection of texts that stem from personal histories. Invited to develop work in response the theme of Spice, contributors Hafsah Aneela Bashir, Heart & Parcel, Jasleen Kaur & Raju Rage, Saqib Keval & Norma Listman, Abeer Najjar and Sneha Solanki, have drawn upon their individual experiences of cooking and eating to produce texts that delicately tease out the wider cultural and political histories hidden within the spices on their plates.

Taking the form of a publication to be distributed in late January, the edition will be accompanied here with a selection of images, videos and introductory texts extending the content beyond the printed page.

Edited by Laura Mansfield
ISSN: 2397-785X