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Thursday 14th September 7-9pm

A Song Smelling of Oysters and Ruby Port

Join Feast for an evening of food and performance celebrating the launch of the publication Hot Pot - a collection of texts, artworks and recipes responding to the work of Anthony Burgess and his passion for food. Occurring in the closing week of the Whitworth’s current exhibition ‘No End to Enderby’ by Graham Eatough and Stephen Sutcliffe, the meal will reflect Burgess's lasting contemporary influence.

Using recipes found within Burgess’s fiction and served within a dinning environment featuring animations by dust collective, tablecloth designs by Marie Toseland and archival recordings of Burgess's original music the evening presents a playful encounter with different aspects of his expansive oeuvre.

The meal marks the occasion of the publication Hot Pot  edited by Laura Mansfield and Will Carr, Deputy Director of the International Anthony Burgess Foundation. The book contains new works by Melanie Jackson, Kit Poulson, Niamh Riordan & Marie Toseland as well as recipes from Manchester's celebrated chef Mary Ellen McTague, Fairland Collective & Studio Morison. Following the meal the book will be available to purchase in the Whitworth shop.

Food for the meal is provided by The Modern Caterer and Randall and Aubin. The evening is curated by Laura Mansfield with the support of the International Anthony Burgess Foundation & Dust Collective.

Tickets are available to purchase at £35 per head — including an aperitif and 3 courses

A wine paring for each course can be purchased for an additional £20 per head.

To book please visit

The Whitworth, The University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester M15 6ER

Past Events

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Ambiguous Implements

Thursday 6th July 2017

Bringing together 17 practitioners from the fields of design, jewellery, ceramics, metalwork and sculpture Ambiguous Implements is a touring exhibition presenting a selection contemporary works that playfully reconsider the familiar objects of our day to day domestic life.  Re-thinking the tools we use for eating, grooming, cooking and cleaning, the exhibiting artists have employed and subverted traditional craft techniques, reframed existing tools in new sculptural assemblages, or given seemingly banal objects new functions and effects

Participating artists include; Rob Anderson, Aimee Bollu, Caroline Broadhead, David Clarke, Nuala Clooney, Rachael Colley, Rosie Deegan, Kate Farley, Daniel Fogarty, Kate Haywood, Jasleen Kaur, Julie Mellor, Maria Militsi, Rebecca Ounstead, Matt Rowe, Jonathan Trayte & Abbie Williams

Blank Space Gallery, Roco Creative Coop 342 Glossop Rd, Sheffield S10 2HW
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Setting The Table - The Home Studies Collection

Thursday 4th May 2017

A talk by historian Rachel Rich and artist Catherine Bertola on their current collaborative project at Leeds Beckett University. The talk marks the launch of the publication Setting the Table - The Home Studies Collection documenting a series of responses to the Home Studies Collection, held at Manchester Metropolitan University Library, commissioned by Feast. The event is free please reserve a place here

Download and view the PDF here

Special Collections Library, 3rd floor, All Saints Library, Manchester Metropolitan University M15 6BH

Going Public - The Napoleone Collection

Thursday 15th December 2016

Working with Touchstones Gallery, Rochdale Feast editor Laura Mansfield developed a meal to celebrate the launch of the exhibition Going Public - The Napoleone Collection. Throughout the evening food was eaten from crockery, cultery and servingware made by artists Edwina Ashton, Nuala Clooney, Rachael Colley, Matt Rowe, Heather & Ivan Morison,  Marie Toseland & Jonathan Tratye. The table cloths were designed and printed by Daniel Fogarty

and an audio accompaniment for the meal was recorded by Franziska Lantz.The menu’s and place settings were designed by Studio Dust.
Touchstones Rochdale
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Eaten By ...

Wednesday 23rd November 2016

Feast will be participating in Eaten by... a one day event organized by the Graphic Design & Illustration Department at Sheffield Hallam University. Eaten By… will investigate different aspects of design for, with and around food through a series of talks by: Here Design, Sarah Snaith, Doors of Perception, Simon Wheeler, GrowX, The Cathedral Archer Project Sheffield and Laura Mansfield.

Sheffield Hallam University.
Irh Jonathan Trayte 12

Dinner with Jonathan Trayte and Feast

Wednesday 5th October 2016

Artist Jonathan Trayte and Feast editor Laura Mansfield presented an evening of food, readings and conversation in response to Traytes' solo exhibition Polyculture at The Tetley Leeds. The evening marked the launch of Feast: Decoration with readings by Kit Poulson, Niamh Roirdan and Stephen Hepplestone. Documentation of the event can be viewed here

The Tetley, Hunslet Rd, Leeds.

Setting the Table - Digesting Recipes; from text to table

Wednesday 6th July 2016

Having undertaken a period of research into the Home Studies Collection Susannah Worth author of Digesting Recipes. The Art of Culinary Notation presented a response to a selection of cookbooks. Discussing the recipe as a text that invites both a future imagining and details a past activity Susannah touched on cooking as a memory device, a tool for action and a narrative of aspiration. Attendees were invited to browse and engage with a selection of items from the collection and joined in a game of culinary consequences.

Special Collections, Sir Kenneth Green Library, Manchester Metropolitan University, M15 6BH

Setting the Table - Dining tables and performance

Wednesday 15th June 2016

Having undertaken a period of research into the Home Studies Collection artist, performer and writer Augusto Corrieri gave an informal lecture that drew upon his practice as a magician and performer, presenting multiple connections between the fields of magic, the history of performance art, and the dining table. Focusing upon the question of hidden or unseen labour Augusto drew links between a history of vanishing ladies, the preparation of the dinner table and contemporary acts of conjuring.

Special Collections, Sir Kenneth Green Library, Manchester Metropolitan University, M15 6BH
Beryl 3

Setting the Table - Hidden Histories of Food and Trade

Wednesday 18th May 2016

An evening of discussion. Having undertaken a period of research into the Home Studies Collection Dr. Bryce Evans and Beryl Patten presented their reflections on the different ‘histories’ contained within the collection. Bryce Evans discussed aspects of the collection that related to the consumption and availability food in World War 2 revealing the role that food played in international conflict. Beryl Patten considered the history of the Hollings Faculty of Home Economics from which the Home Studies Collection originated alongside the range of material and activities that the management of the domestic home entailed.

Special Collections, Sir Kenneth Green Library, Manchester Metropolitan University, M15 6BH.

Setting the Table - Rooms for Food

Saturday 16th April 2016

An afternoon of discussion.

Having undertaken a period of research into the Home Studies Collection artist Catherine Bertola and food historian Dr Rachel Rich presented responses to a selection of archival material. Rachel Rich discussed her continued research into practices of time keeping in the 19th Century home reflecting on the way domestic advice manuals of the period applied the language of modern, public time management to the private sphere as well as the aspirational fictions of personal and social improvement imbedded in the publications. Catherine Bertola discussed her artistic practice and creative interest in reframing and reconsidering the past, in particular women's roles in relation to domestic spaces and contexts. Catherine ended her presentation by showing a new film work that she had been developed in response to material in the Home Studies Collection. 

Special Collections, Sir Kenneth Green Library, Manchester Metropolitan University, M15 6BH
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The Devil’s Supper Exhibition

Wednesday 23rd March 2016

I am sometimes mentally and physically ill for Lancashire food — hot pot, lobscowse and so on — and I have to have these things. Anthony Burgess interviewed in Paris Review, Spring 1973.

Born and raised in Lancashire Burgess wrote passionately about the traditional cuisine of his youth.  Traveling extensively in his adult life he often wrote about a longing for the ‘hot pot and tay’ of his home county. The exhibition brings together writings, recipes, and interviews from the Foundation’s archive with a selection of cookery books and serving ware from Special Collections Manchester Metropolitan University. Working with both collections Feast presents an exhibition of historical material that celebrates the food of Burgess’s north: the rich brown of strong tay, hot pot, and HP sauce.

The exhibition continued until the 30th of May. Documentation of the exhibition can be viewed here

The International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Engine House, Chorlton Mill, 3 Cambridge Street, Manchester M1 5BY
Devils Supper  Elizabeth Kwant 12

The Devil's Supper — 
Anthony Burgess, autobiography and food

Friday 11th March 2016

In collaboration with acclaimed Manchester chef Mary-Ellen McTague and the International Anthony Burgess Foundation Feast curated an evening meal exploring the making and eating of food in the life and work of Anthony Burgess. The artist Marie Toseland was commissioned to produce a new film work for the evening and a series of readings of recipes from Burgess's works were performed by Dr. Sam Ilingworth, Dr. Angelica Michelis and Susannah Worth alongside musical performances by the tenor Timothy Langston.

Images of the event can be viewed here 

The International Anthony Burgess Foundation, Engine House, Chorlton Mill, 3 Cambridge Street, Manchester M1 5BY. 

Setting the Table — 
Exploring the Home Studies Collection

Wednesday 3rd February 2016

An evening presentation of archive material launched the forthcoming programme of events around the Home Studies Collection. 

The Home Studies Collection is an exciting and unique collection of books exploring the subject area of domestic economics that were originally held at the Manchester School of Domestic Economy. The collection contains more than 700 books on a broad range of topics including food production, household management, food preservation, cooking, food technology and regional cookery. It includes works by Alexis Soyer, Jean Anthelme Brillat Savarin, Elizabeth Raffald, Eliza Acton and Mrs Beeton alongside material from the National Food Survey. Feast have commissioned artists, academics and writers to undertake research into the collection and present a series of responses to the material in the form of talks, presentations, new artworks and performance lectures. The individual responses will take place between April and July 2016. 

Special Collections, Sir Kenneth Green Library, Manchester Metropolitan University, M15 6BH.