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I am a handsome, cool, 10 year old boy,

The following poem was originally written for CreativeMe, a writing competition run by Anspear in partnership with Virtual Schools for children in care. To read more of the children's work, preview the anthology here

I am a handsome, cool, 10 year old boy,
I am witty, I am brave and I make people laugh,
I am strong, I have muscles, but the thing that's a joy,
Is having a neck like a skinny giraffe.

My head can sneak into the kitchen whilst sat on the loo,
And it silently creeps to the cakes on the shelf,
I open my mouth and grab one or two,
Yum yum I can keep them all to myself.

When I go to the sweet shop and people are queuing,
I can stand in the line whilst my neck get the sweets,
The customers get cross and start their booing,
But I think it's fair and really neat.

My mum took me to the doctor to see what he said,
He said "You will grow into your neck quite soon,
You should eat cake, watch tv, and have time in bed,
And you will be fine and fit, maybe by June"

So until then I will enjoy my gift,
And help myself to apples when I want,
Help squirrels get into the trees with a lift,
And sneak cake and maybe the odd croissant.