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Ce matin ouvrez les yeux sur quelque chose de beau

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In June 2011 the French supermarket chain Monoprix overhauled its own brand packaging replacing the standard or expected colour palette with bold, colourful and contemporary designs. Designers Cleo Charuet and Arnaud Deroudilhe developed a four tier colour palette for each product with simple typography. Despite the minimal aesthetic the designs prioritized an often witty line of copy writing. A Camembert cheese label reads “French don’t say cheese, they eat it”. The playful copy writing continued in an advertising campaign. Phrases such as “why should tomatoes be banal?”, “open your morning eyes to something beautiful”, or quite simply “no to junk design” filled billboards and magazine pages playing on the boldness of the designs and contemporary attitudes towards food.

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Laura Mansfield

Laura Mansfield is an independent curator and writer. She works closely with other artists in the development of both publication and exhibition based projects. She is an editor of FEAST.