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Feast is a series of online publications that explore our relationship with food as a social event, a marker of identity, a product of history and a commodity for trade.
Kfarley 300 Construct Lifestyle Cloth Twistgold

Kate Farley, Construct: twist, in gold, printed cotton, 2016.
Image Courtesy of the artist.

The publications combine articles on contemporary arts practices with recipes, food histories and literary narratives in an eclectic mix that serves to explore, highlight and question the varied roles food and its associated practices hold within our everyday. By extension the content further touches upon wider cultural discourses around the body, consumption, class, sexuality and gender. To date three printed editions of publication have been distributed, taking the themes of Indulgence, Digestion and Waste. The printed editions have traced a journey through the body, drawing upon the different and varied associations each stage of consumption entails. Having worked its way through the body Feast has developed into an online publication. The online content thematically investigates the setting of the table. Taking the table to be any surface upon which a meal is placed for consumption: from kitchen worktops, to formal dinning tables, canteen trays to TV dinners and picnic blankets. Exploring the utensils, tools and accessories accompanying each meal - from teaspoons, to napkins, side plates to soup bowls, the journal thematically lays the table in a series of digital editions that take the individual themes of Cutlery, Decoration, The Meal and Spaces for Eating. Continuing the eclectic nature of the printed editions the publication includes critical essays, literary texts, picture essays and recipes, seeking to provide critical commentary and creative dialogues around our relationship with food, both as a product of consumption and a symbolic marker for discourses around community, class, gender, sex and the body within literature, film and visual art. 

The diverse content of Feast is garnered through both invited contributions and an open call for submissions. A call for submissions responding to a given theme will be issued before each new edition. The forthcoming edition will take the theme of The Meal, launching in June 2017. Please sign up to our mailing list to be notified of the launch.

In conjunction with the online content Feast’s editors curate a programme of satellite events that seek to extend and enrich the published work, providing opportunities for interaction, debate and further discussion.  Please visit the events page for further information. To stay up to date on our ongoing research and participation in other food focused events follow us on instagram at feastmagazine


Feast is a project devised by Laura Mansfield. Having produced three printed editions of the publication Laura now works with Elisa Oliver on the continued development of the online journal.

Dr. Laura Mansfield Editor

Laura is an independent curator and writer. She works closely with other artists in the development of both publication and exhibition based projects. Recent projects have included the AHRC funded eating-history an exploration of the Home Studies Collection, Manchester Metropolitan University Special Collections. She is currently developing the project What We Talk About When We Talk About Work a northern wide talks programme supported by This is Tomorrow.

Dr. Elisa Oliver — Editor

Elisa is Senior Lecturer in Critical Studies for Fine Art at Leeds Beckett University and in Contemporary Art History at Manchester Metropolitan University. She has worked as a curator and public programmer for organizations such as the Tate and The New Art Gallery Walsall. Elisa is currently undertaking research at Central St Martins at The University of the Arts London, focusing on masculine identity and its relation to labour explored through contemporary British Visual Culture. She is interested in the culture of food as a barometer of class, gender and social interaction in daily life.

Caitriona Devery — Associate Editor

Caitriona is based in Dublin but originally from the Irish midlands. She currently works at University College Dublin. Caitriona writes mainly about food and the arts, and has written for a number of publications including Corridor8, Manchester Wire, and Rabble.

Feast is published by Podia in Manchester, UK.


Peer Reviewers

Dr. Bryce Evans Senior Lecturer in History at Liverpool Hope University
Dr. Kit Poulson Artist and Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at the University of the West of England
Dr. Rachel Rich Senior Lecturer in the School of Cultural Studies and Humanities, 
Leeds Beckett University.
Dr. Rosemary Shirley 
Senior Lecturer in Art History at Manchester School of Art.
Kaye Winwood Artist, Producer and Honorary Research Associate at the University of Birmingham, Digital Humanities / College of Arts and Law.
Will Carr 
Deputy Director of the International Anthony Burgess 
Foundation Manchester.
Dr. Joshua Abrams Researcher in the Department of Drama, Theatre and Performance at the University of Roehampton.
Dr. Kiff Bamford Senior Lecturer in the School of Art, Architecture and Design, Leeds Beckett University.